This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how Art and Design For a Cause (“ADFAC” or “we” or “our” or “us”) collects, stores, shares, and uses information, and your choices about privacy when you use our website and services. Your privacy is important to us and we highly encourage you to read this Policy in order to be informed about our practices. By accessing or using our Services in any way, you agree that your information may be collected, stored, shared, and used as described in this Policy. By using our Services, you give us consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your Personal Information as outlined in this Policy.


By visiting the Privacy Policy page, where we explain how we handle the information you provide to us, what information we collect ourselves, why we do it, and who else we trust with it. It also tells you how you can exercise your rights regarding your own data.


You may withdraw consent at any time in writing, however, such withdrawal does not negate our right to process your data prior to your withdrawal.


When you use our products and services, by browsing the site, registering to have an account, logging in, commenting and such you do so under the policies we outline on this page.


  • What personal information do we collect and why do we collect it?


1.1. The information you provide to us:

When you register for an account on our site to collaborate with us or when you want to submit an artwork, we ask for several pieces of information from you.

  • Name 

    Honestly, we just want to know you and when we send you our newsletters or invites, we’d want to address you the most formal and respectable way possible.

  • Nationality 

    We are an all-Filipino team that aims to bring together creatives from all around the world who share the same as advocacies that we do. In events, we would love to invite our contributors and so knowing your nationality will help us prepare better for our events.

  • Email Address 

    This will be our primary source of communication and so we see it fit to ask this information from you.

  • Mobile Number 

    This is just another way of communicating with you directly should emails not work.

  • Occupation and Specialty 

    We target every kind of creative person out there and so we want to make sure that we give importance to every kind of outlet/avenue our contributors have. We will never limit you to what we know. We also want to learn and so knowing your occupation and art specialty will help us know just how diverse our community is!


1.2. What information do you store?

We store user input data sent through the contact forms on this website, along with the origin IP address, including the time stamp, meta information about the submissions, and the user agent (browser).


Third party services may collect information about website visitors. We currently use Google Analytics,


  • How the information is used?


2.1. Where does the information go?

We use the Contact Form 7 plugin to manage contact form submissions. The information you give us is sent as emails that only a select few are able to have access to. We store the information in the database on our hosting as a backup and later reference. We use the Flamingo plugin to safely manage this data. WP Engine hosts this website.


2.2. How long do you keep the information?

We need the information for future reference that’s why we don’t set a particular time limit on storing these. But if you want your information taken down from our database, or maybe you have any concerns regarding our Policy, you may freely let us know and we’ll take it down right away, or get back to you as soon as possible to address your concerns/s.


2.3. Do you share the information with other parties?

No, although we do use some WordPress plugins on this website that may pass data, including personal information.


We only use WordPress plugins and themes that are hosted by’s guidelines clearly prohibit tracking users without their explicit informed consent.


  • Changes?


We may amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, so you should check it occasionally.  When changes are made to this Policy, we will post the revised Policy here with an updated effective date.


  • How to contact us?


If you have any questions or concerns, just send us an email at with the subject line of “Privacy Concerns”.