What about it?

Many in today’s younger generation struggle with depression and have an unknown desperate cry for help. Those who suffer from it don’t exhibit any symptoms that they’re suffering. Most people say they only make it up, that they’re only doing it to themselves. It’s easy for others to say these things but the backlash on those who do suffer from it is even worse. They’re misunderstood and most of the time, unsupported.


Sometimes , talking with friends and family don’t help because they feel like they wouldn’t understand, but what the youth really needs is for their friends and family to have patience, understanding, and support.


The country is taking small steps closer to helping us by not turning a blind eye. Countless of cries for help can be heard and seen on social media, families, close circle of friends; and slowly, the awareness for mental illness has increased.


The Mental Health Law was signed last June 20, 2018. “The law would secure the rights and welfare of persons with mental health needs and mental health professionals; provide mental health services down to the barangays; integrate psychiatric, psychosocial, and neurologic services in regional, provincial, and tertiary hospitals; improve mental healthcare facilities; and promote mental health education in schools and workplaces.” (https://www.rappler.com/nation/205425-duterte-signs-mental-health-law-services-philippines)


There are also resources that refer psychiatrists. This just indicates that this is a pressing issue in the Philippines. Depression chooses no one and we’re hoping that more Filipinos start understanding because we want to help those who openly seek for it.


Especially now that there are over 100 million people suffering from depression In the Philippines alone, mental disorder makes up 5.73% of cases as per World Health Organization (WHO). Back in 2004 there were over 4.5 million cases of depression reported in the Philippines with 1 student committing suicide per day. Just think about it, what if it was your friend or family member? Would you want to turn back time and help them?

Why Is It An Issue?

We don’t want to lose our youth, what more for the families of those who are suffering from depression and anxiety? All they want is for their friends and family to be free of it and to be 100% okay. With the current increase in the reports of suicide on the news, not just here in the Philippines but also from people from other countries, it is best to be more mindful of the gravity of the situation rather than brushing it off.

Our Goal

We can keep our minds busy with art or even spread awareness for people to understand the desperate cry for help and understand the person in the situation. Spread the word that there are resources, professional help that can cater to people with these cases to prevent situations like this from arising.

We hope that through our art, we can express feelings and thoughts that our troubles friends and families experience to give them a voice. We want to help break the stigma by supporting the efforts being done to spread awareness and by openly talking about it.