What about it?

Special kids can refer to a group of kids with a vast array of diagnoses of disabilities. They are kids with special needs that may have been born with a syndrome, terminal illness or psychological problem. These special needs that involve struggling with learning, allergies, developmental, or panic attacks.


Special kids may have challenges which are proving to be more difficult than those experienced by typical children. These special children need extra care and support. They might have distinct goals and need guidance and help to meet them, whether in academics, social skills, emotional support, and sometimes medical. Children with these needs may need a lifetime of support while dealing with everyday issues.

Our Goal

We, as a society, must also help them instead of excluding them from society. They face discrimination because of a negative attitude and stigma towards them. Because of this, they don’t want to attend school and they don’t have their voices heard in society. They also face risks of physical abuse because of the lack of consideration, compassion, and patience for them.

We have to understand that these children are not like other children. Understanding them needs patience and time. Every child is different and every child is special and so we must empower our youth, no matter if they are in need of special care or not.