We are a small team of creatives
who want to change the way we look at art...

…by giving it meaning and by creating it to further
increase awareness for advocacies we support.

Just like any artist, we are a team of creatives that want to help the community through our skills and talent.

We want to pursue our mission and create change, one artwork at a time because we believe that awareness is a step towards change.

Our goal is to create ripples in our community with the help of our work

by spreading and talking about the advocacies we support.



Creative Skills & Talent

We want you to join this
art & design movement

We encourage all creatives to join our community, no matter the channel or style. Change can be achieved in small steps, but together, we can bring it within closer within reach.

We don’t just stop with art and design, we also organize events to help gather creatives from everywhere to support this noble cause. By organizing events, we want to bring all creatives who share the same passion for art and change in a single place and be able to just concentrate all that passion in a single event, and be able to talk about it amongst other artists.


Not only will the event be able to bring artists together, but it will bring more attention to pressing issues we want to highlight because after all, strength comes in numbers.

Upcoming Event

Painting Class Workshop for Orphan Kids

Event Date: December 21, 2018

Event Location: Elsie Alabang Muntinlupa City

Event Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Our goal is to help these kids bring out the Christmas Spirit within them through painting. Want to be a part of this event? Teach a kid how to paint. Join us!